Whistle Blowing Policy

The Whistle Blowing Policy aims to surface concerns over any action or omission within the company relating to unlawful conduct, financial malpractice, violation of law, rule, regulation or policy, or a direct threat to the interest of the company.

By way of illustration, some of the concerns will include but not be limited to:


  • Criminal Offences (e.g Fraud, corruption or theft) which have been or are likely to be committed
  • Fraud, whether actual or suspected, or deliberate error in preparation, evaluation or review of financial statements, or in recording and maintenance of financial records
  • Non-compliance with the company’s internal controls and procedures
  • Profiteering as a result of insider knowledge
  • Accepting or giving bribes
  • Intimidation, discrimination or harassment of staff and other persons during the course of work
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Unauthorised discounts
  • Abuse of authority for personal gain
  • Unauthorised disclosure of confidential information
  • Conflict of interest in business dealings or involvement in prohibited activities.


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