More than a technology provider, REVEZ creates experiences of the future

Our team believes technology is a tool that opens doors to new possibilities. It is our creative use of technology and perspective that will shape impactful and lasting user experiences.

Our integrated solutions empower us to do things differently.

Our creative capabilities are amplified by our technological expertise. We leverage our unique digital skillsets and constant R&D in innovations, to deliver integrated solutions by tapping on new technology, immersive multimedia ("MM"), Information and Communications Technology ("ICT"), Software-as-a-Service ("SAAS"), Internet of Things ("IOT"), Artificial Intelligence ("AI"), and Creative & Content Service.

Integrating these components offers 360° solutions for our clients and unparalleled coverage across the IT value chain.

Areas of Focus

Multimedia icon
Immersive and Interactive Multimedia

Through combination of Creative and Content strategy, we conceptualised Multimedia solutions of different content forms such as Text, audio, images, animations, video with digital computer-based systems that respond to the user's action.

We were crowned "Singapore's Largest Provider of Customised Multimedia Solutions for Museum and Galleries" in 2018.

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Information and Communications Technology

With a user-centric business strategy, we are committed to deliver communication platforms and website development, along with content strategy to influence SEO, User Experience (UX)-Centric design, and digital trend techniques. We also build services for clients to enhance business processes, automate to increase productivity, and bring brand experiences to end users.

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Business Process Automation

We help clients transform by adopting an innovation-led approach to deliver bespoke digital solutions with process automation.

To maximise the efficiency of our digital solution or process automation, we work closely with our clients to understand their internal company culture, operations, and expertise and develop a solution that is tailor-made to specific needs.