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REVEZ Motion Pte Ltd (“RM”) is involved in these areas of expertise under REVEZ Hub:


Deep Tech (AI/IoT)


M.I.C.E. Support


Industrial Automation

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About Revez Motion

Incorporated in 2010, REVEZ Motion has rapidly risen to fame as a CreativeTech leader.

Today, we are one of the world’s leading B2B providers of exceptional user experiences, integrating experiential creative media, branding strategies, UX/UI designs, content strategy, interactive technology, unified communication digital platforms, AI, and cybersecurity together to cross-complement one another.

We have attained an excellent track record comprising projects with various government agencies and MNCs, affirming our capabilities in meeting large-scale projects.

As a recognised name in the CreativeTech scene, we have also been invited to share our knowledge at institutions and interviews.

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Multimedia Services

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REVEZ Motion produces AR/VR and immersive experiences. Through stunning visuals and novel concepts, we excite the senses and offer a sense of escapism that keeps audiences impressed and talking,​ even after the experience is over.

We were recognised as ‘Singapore Largest Provider of Customised Multimedia Solutions for Galleries and Museums’ by the Singapore Book of Records in 2018.

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Info-comms Technology

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Unlike traditional IT companies, REVEZ Motion value-adds to our ICT solutions with UI/UX best practices and content strategies that help brands communicate their key messages to their audiences in the most effective manner.​

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With a full grasp of the vulnerabilities that businesses’ systems can potentially be exposed to, REVEZ Motion offers Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning (“ML”) solutions that can be adopted into our clients’ existing infrastructures.