About Newood Design

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Under REVEZ Hub, Newood Design is involved in:


Multimedia Services


Infocomms Technology




Deep Tech (AI/IoT)


Industrial Automation

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About Newood Design

Newood Design is the preferred provider of show-stopping centrepieces that captivates audiences. Well-known in the industry for our precision craftsmanship of woodwork for expertise in commercial build and fabrication, Newood Design has built a loyal client base that trusts us to consistently deliver high standards of quality work in retail, roadshows, conferences, exhibitions, and events space.

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M.I.C.E. Support

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Over the years, Newood Design has established a strong niche in customising builds for multimedia and interactive solutions. With precision, experienced workmanship, and sound ergonomics, we seamlessly integrate hardware and sensitive electrical components within solid structures, making us an important business within REVEZ Hub.