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iOiO Lab is involved in these areas of expertise under REVEZ Hub:


Multimedia Services


Infocomms Technology




M.I.C.E. Support


Industrial Automation

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About iOiO Lab

With a focus on artificial intelligence ("AI") and Internet of Things ("IoT"), iOiO Lab pioneers high-tech engineering innovations and developments that place our clients at the forefront of digital transformation​.

Each customised solution undergoes stringent prototyping, development, and user-testing processes to ensure that our clients - from government agencies to renown multinational brands - are ready to face our fast-moving digital economy.

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Deep Tech (AI and IoT)

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iOiO Lab provides bespoke technological solutions based on a solid scientific research and development ("R&D"), specifically in the realms of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Utilising innovative technologies for face recognition and cloud solutions, we integrate our solutions into our clients' existing operations with minimal disruption.