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Board of Directors

Mr. Koh Choon Hui

Mr. Koh Choon Hui is the Board Chairman and Independent Director of REVEZ Corporation Ltd. He is the Chairman of the Nominating Committee, and member of its Remuneration Committee, and Audit and Risk Committee.

Mr. Koh established Roche Singapore and Roche Malaysia in 1973 as subsidiaries of the leading Swiss Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences group Roche Holdings Ltd. He led Roche Singapore from 1 January 1973 until his retirement from the Company on 31 December 2012 as Chairman and Managing Director. He stepped down as Managing Director of Roche Malaysia in 1988. Mr. Koh served as the President of the Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries for a total of eight years and Council Member of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association from 1980 to 1982. He was also elected and has been a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (UK) since 1975. Mr. Koh also served as Board Member of the Singapore Totalisator Board (Tote Board) from 2004 to 2009. From 2006 to 2009, he was the Audit Chairman of Tote Board group which comprises Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. Currently he is the Chairman of Singapore Pools Pte. Ltd. and Chubb Insurance Singapore Ltd., and Founding Chairman of i-Shine Cloud Ltd.

In addition, Mr. Koh nurtured several social service agencies beginning with the Singapore Children's Society, where he remains as the Chairman to this day. His contributions have nation-wide and long-term impact on the lives of many Singaporeans.

For his many contributions to the community, Mr. Koh received many awards and accolades from the many Ministries and organisations that he served. The most notable ones were the National Day Awards of PBM, BBM, BBM (L) and the Meritorious Service Medal (PJG) that were conferred on him in 1984, 1991, 2001, and 2011 respectively. In 2014, he received the Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Ministry of Social and Family Development. In 2017 he was awarded the top government award for volunteerism, the Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award.

He was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1998, and in 2010, a Representative of the Government of Singapore's ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children. In 2013, he was appointed a member of the SG50 Steering Committee and Co-Chairman of the Partnership Committee to organise Singapore's Golden Anniversary Celebrations in 2015.

Mr. Koh Choon Hui

Mr. Neo Wee Han Victor

Mr. Neo Wee Han Victor is the co-founder of REVEZ, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Deputy Board Chairman of REVEZ. He is responsible for the day-to-day decision making process, overseeing administrative needs while implementing new programs. At the macro level he makes major corporate decisions while managing overall operations, developing new strategies, and putting the company’s long- and short-term expansion plans into motion both on the local and global stage.

Administered by the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC), Mr. Neo has attained bizSAFE Level 1 certification crafted for CEOs in 2014 to encourage a safe and healthy work environment.

Armed with knowledge in information systems, electronics and telecommunication engineering, and project management, he has also played a pivotal Directorial role to ensure all large-scale projects launched across Asia have been executed with precision and professionalism by his project team.

Mr. Neo was one of the founders of D'zire Media in 2008 when he first began his journey into the media industry. He came onboard as senior management in D'zire Media, helping it rise through the ranks to become an accredited company in the competitive world of advertising over the years.

Mr. Neo graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (Hons.) in 2007 and a Diploma in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2002. He has also attained Digital Marketing Certification by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore in 2015.

Mr. Neo Wee Han Victor

Mr. Lim Kian Sing

Mr. Lim Kian Sing is the co-founder of REVEZ, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of REVEZ. He is responsible for the overall management and operation, business growth, and development. He oversees a wide-range of project management responsibilities. His passion and vision in establishing long-term strategic goals have been instrumental in achieving unique business propositions in the provision of industry specific solutions for building management operations.

With a wealth of knowledge pertaining to rich media content development and having gained strong experience in relevant operations, Mr. Lim has successfully delivered numerous complex, long-term projects and IT solutions across Asia including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Mumbai, South Korea, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta, and Bangkok.

Mr. Lim graduated from the Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne with a Bachelor of Multimedia Technology in 2003 and a Diploma in Multimedia Art from LaSalle College of the Arts in 1999.

Mr. Lim Kian Sing

Mr. Lee Han Chong

Mr. Lee Han Chong is the co-founder of REVEZ, Executive Director and Chief Creative Technology Officer of REVEZ. He is responsible for overall Technology Creation & Development, Creative Design, and Strategy.

Mr. Lee leads both the technical and creative teams to design and develop new IT and multimedia solutions, generating new user interface ("UI") / user experience ("UX") to enhance user satisfaction. He is constantly involved in the construction of technological and feature roadmaps. Mr. Lee is also responsible for strategic business planning and is actively involved in the R&D arena of the business.

Mr. Lee is also an IT inventor who has more than 15 years of technical and creative expertise. His previous involvements as a product development engineer in Creative Technology from 2001 to 2003, senior software development engineer in Philips Electronics from 2004 to 2008, and researcher in A*STAR - Institute of Infocomm from 2008 to 2010, have equipped him with extensive knowledge in Technology Research, Computer Vision, System/Product Development and UI/UX development. In the course of his experience, he has also been involved in various innovative product developments in the technology market.

With 1st Class Honours, Mr. Lee graduated from the Singapore University of Social Science (formerly SIM University) as the top student of his cohort in 2008, with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics. He had also won the ST Electronic Gold Award.

Mr. Lee Han Chong

Mr. Lim Chwee Kim

Mr. Lim Chwee Kim is the Non-Executive Director of REVEZ Corporation Ltd. He is member of its Remuneration Committee and Nominating Committee.

Mr. Lim was previously the founder and CEO of RichLand Group Limited ("RGL") where his primary responsibility was to formulate business strategies to chart the future growth of the group. Mr. Lim started the business of providing cargo transportation services, container haulage, and project cargo movement in 1992 under a sole proprietorship known as RichLand Cargo Trucking & Labour Service Agency ("RichLand Agency") and spearheaded the group's expansion into related businesses such as airport cargo terminal handling in 1994 and warehousing, storage, and micro distribution in 1996. In 2008, Mr Lim sold his controlling stake in RGL and subsequently acquired from RGL the China investment holding company, RLG Holdings Pte. Ltd. ("RLG Holdings") and its subsidiaries in China, as he decided to continue to develop the land development investment project in Chengdu, China. RLG Holdings was renamed as BroyLand Holdings Pte. Ltd. in 2009. The core businesses of BroyLand Holdings Pte. Ltd. are logistics, freight forwarding and cargo service agency, as well as commercial properties and sale of sand and granite.

Mr. Lim was also an executive director of Fuyuan Resources Pte. Ltd., a company engaged in the sale of sand, granite and building materials, since its incorporation in 1999 until 2012. Mr. Lim is currently an independent director of Union Gas Holdings Limited (listed on Catalist) and the vice chairman of the Citizen Consultative Committee of Hougang Single Member Constituency (SMC).

Mr. Lim Chwee Kim

Ms. Lim Choon Noi

Ms. Lim Choon Noi is the Independent Director of REVEZ Corporation Ltd. She is the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee, and a member of its Nominating Committee.

Ms. Lim is a qualified accountant with more than 30 years of professional work experience. She currently serves as a board member and audit committee chairman of Singapore Cruise Centre Pte. Ltd., and has stepped down as a board member and audit committee chairman of SingEx Holdings Pte. Ltd. with effect from 31 December 2018. She is also presently serving as a board and audit and risk committee member of IVY Group (a BVI company). Ms. Lim also provides advisory and consultancy services to small enterprises and start-up companies in the area of corporate governance and internal controls. She has also volunteered in the Singapore Red Cross as a member of the finance committee and audit committee from 2011 to 2016.

Having previously spent 24 years at Texas Instruments (S) Private Limited, a subsidiary of TI Incorporated, as a finance director from 1984 to 2007, and a short stint at Singbridge International Pte. Ltd. as a chief financial officer from 2012 to 2013, Ms. Lim has amassed invaluable experience in finance, internal controls, corporate governance, compliance and risk management. Ms. Lim officially resigned from her role at SingEx Holdings Pte. Ltd. with effect from 31 December 2018.

Ms. Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy from the National University of Singapore in 1983, and has completed the Master of Education in Nanyang Technological University in 2014. She is a Fellow Chartered Accountant of Singapore.

Mr. Lim Choon Noi

Mr. Chang Yew Kong

Mr. Chang Yew Kong is an Independent Director of REVEZ Corporation Ltd. He is the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, and a member of Audit and Risk Committee.

Having served decades in the sectors of Infocomm Technology ("ICT") and Defence, Mr. Chang's current list of appointments includes Director at Endopil Pte Ltd, DSCO Group Pte Ltd, Tag Team Inc Pte Ltd, ZWEEC Analytics Pte Ltd, Wizvision Pte Ltd, NACT Engineering Pte Ltd, Center for Quantum Technologies @ NUS and Home Team Science and Technology Agency; Chairman of Industry Advisory Committee (ICT) and Advisory Committee for GoSecure Program ("GSP") with Singapore Institute of Technology ("SIT") ; and other advisory / committee roles for Central Gap Fund for the National Research Foundation ("NRF"), Center for Innovation in Healthcare for the National University Health System ("NUHS"), and the 10th Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition at Singapore Management University ("SMU").

As Independent Director of REVEZ Corporation Limited, Mr. Chang lends his unique past experiences as President of ST Electronics Software Systems Group (SSG) and ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd, Chairman of ST Electronics (eServices) Pte Ltd, ST Electronics (Data Centre Solutions) Pte Ltd ST Electronics (Enterprise 1) Pte Ltd, and ST Electronics (Wuxi) Co Ltd. Mr. Chang had also served on the Boards of STEE (Info-Comms Systems) Pte Ltd, ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd, ST Electronics (Training and Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd, and INFA Systems Ltd. He had also held various senior management positions at the then Singapore Computer Systems Ltd ("SCS").

Mr. Chang graduated from the then University of Singapore, now NUS, with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (First Class Honours) in 1978. He completed his Masters in Engineering and Diploma in Business Administration in NUS in 1982 and 1984 respectively and attended the Stanford-NUS Executive Program. Mr. Chang is a Senior Member of the Institution of Engineers (Singapore) and a Fellow of the Singapore Computer Society.

Mr. Chang Yew Kong